All began a morning when Italo Santucci was walking on Viale Parioli and decided to run his new business in those unrented halls at the number 89.

It was the 1956, and three years later the dream of Italo and his wife Anna Maria Ciampini became true. They opened the restaurant with just 50 seats, which became 200 the following year, enlarging the storic part of the restaurant.

The restaurant was composed by a single room called "Squaio" for it was the room where all the business was processed. Italo Santucci was 33 years old and already with a long and consolidated experience. He had just finished his studies and worked with his father Valerio in the family run restaurant, Il Boccale in Via Veneto.


He got married in 1953, and two years later he opened the restaurant Piccolo Mondo with his wife Anna, always located in via Veneto. After a few months they moved to Piazza Di Pietra, opening the restaurant called La Borsa.

In 1956, then, the walk on Viale Parioli was decisive for the opening of Il Caminetto.

The restaurant had to be called Al Pioppo, in honour to the trees just planted at the sides of the avenue, but the installation of the ancient roaster taken from the old restaurant La Borsa, pushed the new name.

Today, Italo and his son Fabrizio personally manage Il Caminetto restaurant with the same passion and the same energy of fifty years ago. In name of tradition, and of the family.


To make a reservation:

12.45 – 15.00
19.45 – 24.00
Closed on Sundays

+39 06 8083946